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Artist Information

Ready Starr

Hip-Hop, Rap

As one of the most recognized voices in Northwest music, Ready Starr has played a role in the growth of Idaho hip-hop since 1991. Working with the likes of Eminem, Ludacris, Nelly and Snoop Dogg (through promotions) to performing with Wu Tang, LL Cool J, Master P, Ja Rule, Ashanti, B2K, Sir Mix Alot, Digital Underground, E40, Lil Rob, Tone Loc, Young Mc, Furious 5, Baby Bash, Coolio, and many more ... (Former Groups include T.F.C. (1992), B.O.W. (1993), Soul Lingo (1995), Brick Layers (1997), Mad Ro aka Mad Riddla (1998-2003). Recent project: Internationally-released debut solo album titled, "Sugar Sandwiches" featuring the singles "Paradise" (produced by Grammy Award Winner Young MC) and Sugar Sandwiches (produced by C. Jameson and T. Dunnigan). Album is selling in over 20 countries and is receiving airplay in selected markets across the U.S.

Boise/ Los Angeles

Band Members:
Ready Starr: vocals
Production: Chris Jameson, Todd Dunnigan, Young MC, Ready Starr



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